This is TAP IN 20, the Final Degree Show featuring performances from the graduating students of Goldsmiths Theatre and Performance Department. 


As COVID-19 closed down our universities and theatres, plans to run the department’s yearly TAP OUT Festival were quickly foiled. However, thanks to the tenacity and creative genius of our students we have been able to bring TAP OUT IN!


In a time that has been defined by isolation, with students spread all across the globe, a sense of closeness has been fostered in this Frankenstein house. We invite you to explore inside and experience how theatre still holds the power to bring us together, even in lockdown.

Welcome note from Ben Levitas, Head of Department

Welcome to TAP IN 20, an online festival of diverse, innovative and timely performance by the current crop of BA finalists from Goldsmiths' Department of Theatre and Performance.

It is an exceptional range of work for an exceptional set of circumstances. When the Coronavirus pandemic hit in mid-March, students were shaping their final projects, anticipating their part in the Department’s customary TAP OUT Festival. Face to face teaching stopped; exams and final shows were suspended. Goldsmiths took a long look at what could be done in lockdown. Outside, London’s stages went dark.

Creativity during lockdown

‘In the theatre as in the plague’ wrote Antonin Artaud, ‘there is a kind of strange sun, a light of abnormal intensity by which it seems that the difficult and even the impossible become our normal element.’ In this spirit, performers of all kinds have adjusted to the cooler light of laptop and smartphone. Staff and students in the Department of Theatre and Performance forged a way forward online, recasting limitation as creative opportunity, embracing lockdown life as a new material with which to work. Collaborating with each other across the ether from as far afield as the US and Singapore, the medium became the mother of invention.

For bringing this to pass I salute the staff team on Theatre Making 3 and Final Projects. They have inspired, challenged, supported, questioned, guided and facilitated the students’ learning on these modules and this public Festival event. In making it possible, they have demonstrated what can be done in extremis; something from which I too have learned.

Congratulations and farewell

I could not be prouder of what our talented and dedicated students have accomplished. Each project in TAP IN 20 is the result of a critically informed and research-led performance making process. Alongside our established BA Drama and Theatre Arts, this year sees the first finalists in our new degrees BA Drama: Performance, Politics and Society and BA Drama: Comedy and Satire. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate each student and their contribution to making the Department a centre of cutting-edge performance work. This is a group of highly creative and critically engaged makers who have a wonderful future ahead of them. We bid them a fond farewell – may their strange sun burn brighter still.

We hope you, the audience, enjoy the work!


Dr Ben Levitas

Head of Department

Department of Theatre and Performance


June 2020