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We are the Theatre and Performance final year of diverse socially conscious theatre students aiming to explore varying threads of communication through the medium of performance.


Showcasing a variety of pieces including: installations, devised work, comedy, digital theatre and much more. With a multitude of different tastes for theatre goers to sample this is the perfect situation to immerse yourself with the next generation of practitioners and their innovative work.

"It gives me great pleasure to welcome audiences to the TaP Out '23 Festival.

Each performance will be revelatory because this Department is full of innovative, committed, passionate and provocative artists. Please watch the excellent teaser film on this website, to get a sense of the atmosphere building towards some memorable performance work. I want to thank all students, academic and technical staff and visiting guest artists who inspired this process.

As much as this is a celebration of the work of our graduating students, it will be an important statement for us and from us about how much society needs theatre and compelling performance. To paraphrase Antonin Artaud, we create theatre because we must, it is part of the rigour of social engagement, the appetite for living.

You will be hearing and seeing more from these incredible students in the years to come, so please do join us now, for this remarkable Festival!"

Many thanks,
Pamela Karantonis, Head of Department

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