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absurdist theatre performance

by: FABLED // Tallulah Pollock-Taylor, Deniss Alosins, Claudio Grilli, Milo Clesham

dates: 8-9/6

running time: 25 minutes

location: Studio 3

special thanks: Irene Saviozzi, Marie-Gabrielle Rotie, Simon Vincenzi, Abigail Conway, and the amazing technical department for their ongoing support and help throughout this process.

“Ah, faerics, dancing under the moon, A Druid land, a Druid tune! While still I may, I write for you The love I lived, the dream I knew.”

Join us on a mythical adventure beyond time and space, where fantasy and reality collide. We are presenting Avalon - folkloric creatures from all around the world who are captured in a cycle of contemplation in purgatory, navigating the limbo as they long to be remembered.



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