Thank you

Thank you for coming to TAP OUT 2021, we hope you enjoyed these shared experiences during your time here. This festival marks the beginning of the next chapter of our lives and we thank you for being part of this journey. With the past year being a tremendous struggle for many, these performances are labours of love to our craft and are performed with the blood, sweat and tears of dedication.

We would like to thank everyone who has taught us during our time at Goldsmiths and extend our heartfelt appreciation to our Theatre Making 3 tutors Abigail, Chiara, Katja and Tara as well as our technical team Chloe, Molly, Nao, Patrick and Rachael. This festival would not have been possible without your endless patience and generous guidance and we are incredibly grateful to have had such strong mentors throughout this process.

We would also like to thank the following individuals for their time and contributions to this festival:
The programming team consisting of Cat Skilton, Dorothy Holland, Lauren Tranter, Lewis Pickles and Tricia Tan.
The publicity team consisting of Lydia Wainwright, Matiss Sakalovskis and Millie Coppin.
The front of house team consisting of Lily Bell Penny, Alice Burke-Gaffney, Camille Conlan, Johanna Oyno, Tatenda Shamiso, Rachele Spinozzi and Molly Tompsett.
The tech operation team consisting of Alexander Urry, Anna Edwards, Lewis Pickles and Millie Coppin.
The graphic designer Matiss Sakalovskis.
The website designer Tricia Tan.

These years have not just been academic experiences but rather an adventure made meaningful as we ventured together with friendships, knowledge and shared love of the craft that will not be forgotten when recounting our time here. It means so much that we got to the finish line together.

Thank you, we will miss you and farewell!

Tricia Tan
On behalf of the 2021 Goldsmiths Theatre and Performance Finalists