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Hello, Surgery?

comedy sketch

by: Isobel Ewart 

dates: 25-26/5

running time: 15 minutes

location: Studio 3 

special thanks: Abigail Conway, Philippa Burt, and Marie-Gabrielle Rotie for their support and guidance on this project. And thanks to Rachael Champion and Molly Syrett for their help with set. 



Do you need to see a doctor? Please press 1.

The nation’s most hated GP receptionist Sandra will sort you out.

Your local surgery welcomes to you try and make an appointment with our new streamlined NHS, where we put the patient last.

‘Hello, Surgery?’ by Isobel Ewart explores the painfully relatable struggle of trying to get an appointment with our beloved yet troubled NHS.

This ‘computer says no’ satirical sketch explores the mind-bending marathon we undergo to make appointments and sort our basic health needs. A frustratingly hilarious invitation to the doctor’s waiting room.

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