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Human Protocol

interactive/live art piece using multimedia elements and spoken word


by: Wei-Hsuan Chen (Nobel), Declan George Candiani

sound design by: Xu Lai (Larry)

costume design by: Shawne Holland

special thanks: Abigail Conway, Patrick Furness, technical team

dates: 1-2/6

running time: 20 minutes

location: George Wood Theatre

Downtown streets burning embers

Soulless robots with mechanical faces side-walk walking walking in straight lines

Walking past their own personal bridges of expression

Hypocritical puppets of society

Consuming the artificial air

Too brainwashed to follow their own path

Addicted to false ideals

Death forever plaguing their minds

But never properly pondered

Devoured by their own ego

Like the next McDonalds meal

A major reboot is needed

To jump start their hive mind

Look for truth and honour

Instead of fake love and deceit

Question: How does man consume itself within the nature of reality?  


 Looking into the essence of human consumption. 


The performance takes place into 3 parts of phases: 


* Object 

1 Mannequin 

Several objects 

Audiences could use objects and clay on the table to decorate and shape the mannequin. 

Audiences create the human gaze, which reflects on what a mannequin would look like at the end. 


* Diet 

Two performers use their body to illustrate the ‘objects’ from the Mannequin to express how humanity consumes those objects and the reflection of the human body to the object itself.


* Character 

Combining ‘Voice’ and ’Body’ to play with the activity of ‘having conversation’. 

From using the questions, descriptions and repeated sentences to exploring the essence between ‘Voice’ and ‘Sound’. Therefore, for all that, discovering how knowledge identifies us as mankind. 


As a company we are inspired by the work and philosophy of Antonin Artaud.

We believe that his techniques and methodology allow for greater expression of the self and the expansion of the human consciousness. We are also looking at the idea of consumption and humans consume certain things in society, which may be food, television or otherwise. In preparation for our performance, we have researched into rehearsal techniques of Artaud, and what exercise he used for his actors to get prepared. Additionally, we have played around with various improvisations which have aided us in our development of our research into directors who had an Avant-garde approach to acting and art as we do not want to use the typical theatrical conventions of the past.  

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