<i m o g e n>,

or the Post-Modern Prometheus


by The Glass Collective

There’s someone we’d like you to meet.


As members of the Glass Collective, we are experts in the field of artificial intelligence, examining ideas of selfhood and agency in a digital age. Our head researchers are inviting you to participate in a new focus group, to discover new methods to explore the digital self and immerse yourself in new possibilities of online presence, but someone else is joining us too.


< i m o g e n > will be uploaded, uniting the realms of online and offline reality, and introducing you to our new digital age.

Creative team:

Sabine Balduzzi

Archie Brown

Lewis Pickles

Poppy Read

Lex Urry

This is a ticketed live experience

George Wood Theatre

June 3 2021

June 4 2021