jeonghyun seok

i fear... for what?


“when I open the door on arriving home, everything is gone.”


Here, the furniture disappears piece by piece – there is no reason for its loss. I, the person in the miniature house, recognise the loss but also forget it quickly. One day I think ‘Why do I exist in this space, and why does the furniture disappear? Moreover, where does it go? Maybe someday I will disappear too. Maybe the reason I exist in this space is to disappear.’ I feel fear but soon forget.

This is similar to the concept of a train which harshly runs towards the destination of death in ‘All That Fall’ by Samuel Beckett. Beyond the binary idea of death and life, I want to explore the relationship between the space in which we exist, our desire to seek the reason for that space, and the emptiness that occurs after an object disappears. It is inspired by Rachel Whiteread’s concept that both architecture and space hold remnants of our past.The reason the animated objects are made of clay is because clay has an interesting nature to reveal the core concept of disappearance: it creates shapes to contain existence, but it can be easily destroyed and melted into other objects.