4 Girls 1 Room
Next Step Theatre Grace Arber, Jessica Hill, Yasmin Can, Olivia Spence
Follow a pack of four young females, exploring, experimenting, adapting, and surviving in the safe haven of their own nest. Investigate some of their prized possessions and understand what it means to be part of the pack.
20 Vague Questions
Holly Kaminski
20 Vague Questions is a parody of the online interview series 73 questions with created by Vogue.

Acting as a window into to modern societies viewing habits, Vague 20 something questions will emulate all the glitz and glamour of Vogue… On a shoestring budget.

With touches of sarcasm and absurdist comedy, Vague plans to expose the voyeuristic nature of modern day media, and mock the farcical lifestyles of the rich or famous, satirising the life so many of us idolise.
A Bouquet of Pollution
Charlie Denny
Take a look at one man's waste during isolation, and how quickly he leaves his carbon footprint. Using the restrictions of one household and garden, A Bouquet of Pollution looks at the implications and destruction of nature caused by the human race.
Temitope Adeyeye
An autobiographical video performance of cinematic images, sounds, and personal material exploring deconstructing the self. We are not a singular self but many selves.
Alone Again, (duh)
Sarah Ford
A 20 something single gal living alone in the city, trying to find love, lust, success and herself. It really was the tagline of Sarah’s life. COVID-19 puts a new twist on this classic coming of age tale, as Sarah is alone again, (duh). In this lonely abyss that is both Sarah’s life and state mandated isolation, an unlikely friendship is formed. Together Sarah and her new friend persevere through this uncertain time.

It’s miserable and magical, oh yeah.
Checkers and Seven Day Forecast
Colorism is prevalent today and remains an issue of debate in black communities, which originates from the dehumanising effects of slavery. Checkers is an interpretation of internalised racism; an attempt to escape one’s own skin.

Seven Day Forecast focuses on the everyday experiences of black women and the fetishism of their skin.
Devouring Celestial Bodies
Aoife Logan

Devouring Celestial Bodies features myself, torn between a dream- world and reality, on a quest to find a hidden goblet.
This adventure may contain: Jokes, Demons (Both personal and tangible) Greek figures, Creatures, and Surrealism... ​
Let's eat!
Elven Hipsters
Jim Osman

Elven Hipsters is a comedy puppetry show about gentrification through the lens of a fantasy realm. Orcs are a metaphor for working class communities whereas Elves serve as a metaphor for middle class arty hipsters. Boglad is an Orc who comes to a housing co-operative to fix the gas and electric. He gets harassed by Luna, the yogic/hippy elf who talks about his ‘negative energy field’ and displays her racism towards orcs despite appropriating their culture.......
Enjoy the Music
Harvey Slater

In 2017, a first-year at University struggling to find himself and meet new people sits at a desk and writes a script for a short film called ‘Enjoy the Music’. The plot: A first-year at University struggling to find himself and meet new people sits at a desk and writes a script for a play called ‘Subtle Rain’. The plot: A first-year at University struggling to find himself and meet new people sits at a desk and writes a script for a short film called ‘Enjoy the Music’. The plot:
Jonathan Carlsen

Although the expression and understanding of emotions are subjective, the ability to experience emotion is innate to the human experience. In this piece, you are encouraged to explicate a unique meaning and find your own understanding of your emotions.
Four Calling Birds
Latex Keyhole
Holly Whinney, Joe Turner, Alex Parker, Kate Round

Brainstorm Theatre Company
Charlie Marshall and Harry Reader
Focusing on individuality and the fragility of the human mind, “help?” is an adaptation of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis which displays strong emotional responses directly from the text itself. Using fragmented scenes of visual stimuli, “help?” shows two individual interpretations of Kane’s words to attempt to create meaning in a meaningless world.
I fear... for what?
Jeonghyun Seok (정현)

Here, the furniture disappears piece by piece – there is no reason for its loss. I, the person in the miniature house, recognise the loss but also forget it quickly. Suddenly, the question comes into the mind. Maybe the reason I exist in this space is to disappear. Beyond the binary idea of death and life, I want to explore the relationship between the space in which we exist, our desire to seek the reason for that space, and the emptiness that holds remnants of our past.
Jenifor Lorense
Bryleah Wilcock
In Jenifor's own words, "this is an incredible vid by an incredible performer who is a triple threat and really good at performing, who can do everything so is a triple threat performer. Enjoy this vid that has been made to show you how incredible and talented I am".
Letters to Mei
Red Kite Collective - Jaimie Leung, Cerys Baker, Nadine Jackson

What does it really mean to claim culture? What does it really mean to be Chinese? Letters to Mei highlights the frustrations that come whilst attempting to find identity through contrasting expectations imposed from the East and West.
Lingua Franca
Claudia Lax-Tanner, Nina Menon, and Samantha Smith

A presentation of women as told by themselves, providing a platform for their voices, stories, and opinions to be heard. It is a celebration of womxn’s sense of self through reclaiming identities and pride for all womxn.
Mixed Signals
Xtenuating Circumstances
Maya Manuel, Christina Camara, Bethan Mathias, Yasmine Zweegers, Mathieu Chazallet, Amal Khalidi
Prepare yourself because we are sending the right mixed signals to a screen near you. We welcome you into an interactive world of materiality and how the everyday object can bleed the musing of history and culture infused with colliding histories. Come and explore the commonalities we face everyday, and find out what's really beneath the surface.
Seven Veils Collective
Nathaniel McGarry, Rebecca Emerson-Gold, Alice Ellis, Shanti Lombardo, Louise Scapin, Frances Crombie, Constance Price - Pallas/Athena is a new adaptation of a greek myth to explore the complexity in representing and determining ‘identity’. This interactive website invites the audience to evaluate the mythologisation of their own identity through the relationship between the two personas of Pallas and Athena.
Lanky Birds
Frankie Stewart, Martha Haidari
Identical twins but different in every other way! Sam and Charlotte are reunited as a global pandemic strikes. Will this reunion be just what they need to let go of their complicated past, put things into perspective and finally learn to love each other? Not likely.
Pinch Collective
Owen Walton, Angelika-May Blamires, Angel Steinberg, Esme Watts, Nordie Childs, Tommi Otieno
Hello fellow self isolators. You are warmly invited to join a certain zoom meeting you would not want to forget... all you need is a webcam and a mind of your own. Through an immersive experience you will find yourself encountering peculiar characters who have also been coping with self isolation. Beware, your actions may have consequences.
The Welcome Committee
Isabelle Leach, Emily Richardson, Chay Giles, India Whitty, and Lucy Cross.
2020, a year infamous for the effects of a global pandemic. The economic damage and life lost, is now firmly a part of our history. A shocking event during this period has been erased from our memories and hidden from the public eye. The Serenity Scandal 2020 was a failure in humanity. We hope through our documentary the event and will become known so the exploitation will never occur again.
Six Doors
Niamh Green, Frankie Jennings
What do we remember, and how do we remember it? Behind each door lies a collection of images, sounds, and text inspired by the various ways in which our minds store information. Perhaps you will rediscover some forgotten memories of your own.
Sleep Life
If sleeping in real life is to wake up in dreams, then where for us to be awake when falling asleep inside a dream? Is it the real world we open our eyes in? Or is it just another dream?

Spending most of her time only in her bedroom sleeping during the lockdown, she wishes to have a long good sleep and reject/forget/bury the outside world. Not knowing this may not be what she really wants as she is trapped in her bedroom/thoughts/duvet/eyes/bed/head/brain/pills/mind/dream
Soul Central
The Smudgement Society
Scarlet Robinson, Alessandra Colella, Samuel Champ - WE LIVE IN DREAMALITY.

Where is that you ask? Set foot into our journey and you may come out… or not. Worry about it… or accept it. Lose what you have gained or gain what you have lost. No journey is the same.

Virgilio was there to hold and guide Dante, so we will be here for you.

Disclaimer: This is not your typical trip down memory lane.
Survival Mode
Artists Anonymous
Jordan Bristow, Martha Okasili, Kevaughn Kirkland Josephs, Antony Ryder, Tasharn Sanganoo - With social distancing and self-isolation restricting our daily life, heightening mental health pressures. ‘Survival Mode’ takes on a experimental and artistic approach to help confront and handle these tough and frightening hardships we have found ourselves in. This is a time where it is vital we come together and find ways to uplift and support one another.
Elizabeth Parker
Focussing on the stigma attached to certain aspects of the human body which have frequently come under scrutiny through gendered beauty standards, this piece highlights the minute events and occurrences which produce moments of discomfort. A mixed media landscape allows for gender and identity to be explored, and the highlighting of minute events and occurrences within the everyday produces moments of discomfort, laughter and sensitivity.
The Darkness of Indulgence
Shadow Box Inc. Ben Holeyman and Yasmin Sherif
Set in an undisclosed location, a world of scrap and debris questions the triviality of city life. We seek to expose the reality of everyday living through the manipulation of human consumables. Altering the dimensions of two opposing worlds, light will shine on materialism and the way these consumables endeavour to make us happy and fulfilled. When taking these materials out of their contexts, this may turn out not to be as true as we believe.
The Ripple Effect
In the Deep - Elizabeth Finneran, Ellie Stocks, Laura Thomas, Nuala Lomax
What do you remember from your childhood trips to the beach? Building sandcastles, collecting shells, swimming through seaweed? What will our children remember? ‘The Ripple Effect’ mixes the sense of childhood nostalgia with the subtle conversation of ocean contamination through mixed media. This experience questions our use and indulgent consumption of plastic. Welcome to an experience of complete garbage!
Ariel Albuquerque
This is a documentary about a musical about a documentary. Confused yet? Transgressions is an amateur portrait of the process of creating a musical, through the hurdles and joys of being a trans performer. Navigating the personal, the political and the personal-turned-political, it’s a tribute to the queer community’s resilience, talent and love of clubbing. It's a time-capsule of dreams, music and friendship.
cloistered_sister - Charlotte Elvin
Extra-ordinary times call for extra-ordinary figures to deliver us from darkness.

Unthrifty traces an interspecies relationship where role models, sisterhood and spirituality are found in unexpected places.

cloistered_sister ask what freedom can illness offer? is care the resistant power against a cultural insistency for production?

"It's the 101 Dalmatians with real puppies but with chickens. Its Chicken Run, with real chickens, made by Wickens."
We are (never) Lost
The Afrodiziak Tree - Afrika Simpson
" You come in my awakening, which is my deeper dream.
I breathe in this still air, only another loving look cast backward, and then I shall stand amongst you, a seafarer amongst seafarers. And you, vast sea, sleeping mother, who alone are peace and freedom to the river and the stream, only another winding will this stream make, only another murmur on this glade, and then I shall come to you, a boundless drop on a boundless ocean.” Khalil Gibran
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