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by TLC

TLC welcomes you to a part-at-home, part-installation experience. Your TLC chefs will first deliver the materials and recipe required to personalise a token of care, followed by an exchange of these objects in an immersive installation. The souvenir you will receive is based on your personal tastes and care needs.


In Spoonful, TLC aims to combat the isolation our community has faced over the past year. We would like to invite you to our kitchen, removed from our digital day-to-day, to enjoy a hands-on experience that connects each individual participant to other members of our community through tender loving care.

Creative team:

Lauren Tranter

Tatenda Shamiso

Liam Cavanagh

This is a ticketed live experience

hARTSlane gallery

June 3 2021

June 4 2021

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This performance will be digitally accessible after its final showing

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