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investigative web game


by: Aaron Crowley & Giulia Zinghi

dates: 8th and 9th June 

“Delve into the worst of the internet to discover the truth”


The Gallows Collective is a theatre company duo formed of Aaron Crowley and Giulia Zinghi,

brought together by their mutual interest in the macabre. Currently exploring the world of

true crime communities through the digital medium; this is the companies maiden voyage.

The project “The Hybristophile Haven” is an investigative crime game that takes place in an archived

forum website that has been seized by the authorities. The website is made up of a community

obsessed with true crime, serial killers and mass shooters, to the point of romanticising the

perpetrators of the crimes and eventually the crimes themselves. The audience is invited to

investigate the website to try and uncover what happened to 12 users that have mysteriously



The purpose of this project is to explore how we consume true crime through the lenses of

investigative game, and to highlight the existence of such communities that exist on social media,

while also asking how much is the audience willing to expose themselves to, to “win”.

Warning: The website contains insensitive material such as glorification of criminals, memeing of

atrocities, and romanticisation of despicable individuals.

Website:  The Hybristophiles Haven

For more information contact:

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