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The Sky Has Gone Mad

by Existing Collective


Reality bleeds into your sleep. In these nightly escapades, you live another life. In here, there are wonderful moving pictures, boats sail on dry land, a blue Being watches you, your echos fade into nothing.

As you enter this fragmented world, carefully crafted and curated by none other than your waking, walking selves, you become increasingly conscious of all you’ve previously ignored. In hindsight, you have seen it all. You try to puzzle it out, understand it, but your brain is hazy with this… Wonderment! Watching? Waiting.

We welcome you to sit with us, in the inbetween.


Creative team:

Tricia Tan

Annabelle Liu

Johanna Øyno

Rachele Spinozzi

Content warning:

This production contains flashing lights, loud noises and potentially disturbing imagery. Please note that the live performance is not wheelchair accessible.

This is a ticketed live experience

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May 27 2021

May 28 2021