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Walk This Way

audio walk


by: James Tanner 

dates: 25th of May and June 1st and 2nd 

running time: 30 minutes / 20 minutes walk + 10 minutes sharing of discoveries


Wednesday 24th (Dress) 1:30 to 2pm Audio walk test

please meet in foyer of GWT -10 PEOPLE

Week 1 Thursday 25th  5pm to 5.30pm meet in Whitehead foyer 

Week 1 Friday 26th       5pm to 5.30pm meet in Whitehead foyer

Week 2 June 1st           5pm to 5.30pm meet in Whitehead foyer 

Week 2 June 2nd          5pm to 5.30pm meet in Whitehead foyer 

Headphones or EarPods required.

Scan the code, pop on your headphones, listen to the audio, and lead us both on a walk which may take us places new or familiar.

Activate the space with your own presence, and discover what it may mean to you.

Participants are invited to walk and discover, making their mark on spaces, and allowing the spaces to make their mark on the walker.

Participants will have the opportunity to put their experiences to paper, and share what they found.

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