Welcome to TaP Out 2021, a festival of diverse, innovative and timely performance by the current crop of BA finalists from Goldsmiths' Department of Theatre and Performance. We bring you a website-full of digital performances, ranging from film and audio to interactive journeys and performative games. This year also sees a return to live performance and our studios (and the local hARTslane Gallery) will once again come to life with creativity and imagination! Documentation of the live events will be available on the TAP OUT website soon after the curtain closes to reach a wider audience than we can currently accommodate due to Health and Safety.

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This year has been one like no other. From mid-March last year, the department has been operating despite the Covid-19 pandemic, meeting where it can but more often working in lockdown via digital media and the internet. These students have shown extraordinary resourcefulness and resilience, finding inspiration and connection whatever the conditions. Doors may have closed but they kept their minds and laptops open. Collaborating with each other across the ether from as far afield as the US, China (and even North London), they have made a shared home of common purpose. And when the opportunity has come to emerge again, they have adjusted to the variety of forms that they have learned to manage.

‘If Winter comes,’ wrote the poet Shelley, ‘Can Spring be far behind?’ Admiring the range and intensity of our finalists’ work one can see that they have not merely weathered the storm: they have harnessed the storm. The energy of experience has been used to fire the furnace of imagination. From such work is borne both ashes and sparks – the lessons of crisis and the optimism of change.

For bringing this to pass I salute the staff team on Theatre Making 3 and Final Projects. They have inspired, challenged, supported, questioned, guided and facilitated the students’ learning on these modules and this Festival event. In making it possible, they have demonstrated what can be done in the most challenging of circumstances. Like the final shows themselves, this also is inspiring to watch.

Congratulations and farewell

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I could not be prouder of what our talented and dedicated students have accomplished. Each project in TaP In ’21 is the result of a critically informed and research-led performance making process. Whether graduating in BA Drama and Theatre Arts, BA Drama: Performance, Politics and Society or BA Drama: Comedy and Satire, each of our degrees presents this celebrated combination of imagination, awareness and integrity. It is with great pleasure that I congratulate each student and their contribution to making the Department a centre of cutting-edge performance work. This is a group of highly creative and critically engaged makers who have a wonderful adventure ahead of them. We bid them farewell in the knowledge that they carry with them the sparks to fire all our futures.

We hope you enjoy TAP OUT 2021!

Dr Ben Levitas

Head of Department

Department of Theatre and Performance


May 2021