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The Brain

live- art performance

by: COG COLLECTIVE // Amy Fincham & Jake Clements

dates: 1-2/6

running time: 20 minutes

location: Studio 3

special thanks: We would like to thank TAP department to helping make this piece possible.

The COG Collective is proud to present 'The Brain', an immersive and interactive installation

celebrating the unique ways in which the dyslexic brain learns and the wonderful world of neurodiversity.

This educational and participatory performance is designed to inform audiences about

dyslexia and the different ways of learning that can complement dyslexic minds.

Our admiration for the power of our minds and the acknowledgement of the numerous

techniques for learning has been the origin of the creative ideas for this work.

We recognize the uniqueness of dyslexia and wish to honour it by exploring it in our artwork.

Our performance is designed for people who want to gain more knowledge regarding various learning methods and dyslexia.


This performance is aimed at both educators and adults who have a vested interest in coming

to a better understanding of dyslexia. Through a series of fun, activity-based pieces, 'The Brain' encourages audiences to learn more about the incredible potential of dyslexia.

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